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Dongfeng Honda sold 60390 vehicles in July and achieved good results in new energy models

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Recently, Honda China released the sales volume of terminal cars in July 2019, among which the cumulative sales volume of terminals of Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. from January to July 2019 was 425194, an increase of 31.7% year on year. Next, Dongfeng Honda is expected to launch Siming x-nv and Allison sharp hybrid in September, and further expand sales of new energy products.

In July 2019, Dongfeng Honda's terminal sales volume was 60390 units, an increase of 17.6% year-on-year, all of which set a record of single month terminal sales in July of each year. Among them, the sales volume of civic terminal exceeded 20000; the monthly sales volume of CR-V model exceeded 10000. CR-V and inspire, equipped with the high-efficiency dual motor hybrid system sport hybrid, have also achieved good results.

In addition to CR-V and inspire, Dongfeng Honda will launch two new energy models in September. One of them is the pure electric vehicle Siming x-nv. The new car is built based on the model of xrv, positioning a small SUV, which is roughly the same in design as the model of xrv. The comprehensive maximum range of Siming x-nv is 340km.

The other is Alison, which is equipped with Rui hybrid system. The front face of the new car is designed with multi banner air intake grille. The upper and lower chrome plated decorative strips extend to both sides of the headlight. The bumper has been redesigned, and silver decorative ornaments are added above the bottom grille.

The new car is equipped with Honda i-mmd hybrid system, which is composed of 2.0L gasoline engine + motor. The maximum power of the gasoline engine is 107 kW, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 km is 5.7L.

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