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Why does Land Rover, whose popularity is fading, resolve the sales crisis?

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For most of the car companies, the current market is not ideal. The increasingly saturated state of the automobile market makes the life of many automobile brands very difficult. Even Audi, BMW and other top tier auto brands have made a lot of preferential activities, hoping to ensure their sales volume. Some luxury car brands in the second tier are more difficult, such as Land Rover. As one of the automobile brands that have received too much attention in the domestic market, Land Rover has a very high enthusiasm when it just entered the domestic market, and many owners have a very high evaluation of it. Some models, such as the range rover, can only be bought at a higher price.

But Land Rover's popularity in the domestic market has not lasted for long. On the one hand, many of Land Rover's competitors have made great progress in the second tier luxury car market. This allows Land Rover's living space to be further compressed. So the overall sales volume will naturally decline. On the other hand, Land Rover has not done a good job in quality control while constantly introducing new models. A series of quality problems make Land Rover's good reputation disappear. Moreover, Land Rover's poor after-sales attitude and measures have also disappointed many consumers. Faced with a dangerous situation, Land Rover has made some remedial measures, but most of the remedial measures end in failure.

As a result, Land Rover began to change its strategy. On the one hand, Land Rover has stepped up the upgrading of some of its models. I hope that some of its new models can capture the hearts of consumers again. On the other hand, many of its products are subject to substantial price reduction. The range of price cuts that Land Rover has taken has been astonishing. Most auto brands will get a discount of 30000 to 50000 yuan at most when they reduce their prices. But Land Rover is quite different, because it has a very large amount of discounts, and often has one or two hundred thousand yuan of preferential activities. However, the implementation of these two measures has not been able to save Land Rover. Up to now, the sales volume of Land Rover in the domestic market is as bleak as that of Jaguar.

The reason why Land Rover has come to such an end depends on its own. Some Land Rover models were introduced into the domestic market in the form of imports earlier. At that time, most of the domestic consumers still believed in the quality of Land Rover. After all, the quality of an imported product always gives people confidence in it. But some Land Rover models, after completing the pace of localization, have brought consumers a bad feeling. The feeling is that Land Rover has become proud. This is mainly reflected in the fact that when there are some problems with his products, Land Rover seems to be too slow in after-sales treatment. And in some cases, the Land Rover side has some arrogant attitude.

Today's Land Rover seems to be aware of its serious problems. Also want to try to change, want to try to cater to the appetite of domestic consumers. But it seems that it's too late. As for the reasons, as we mentioned above, the reputation of Land Rover among domestic consumers no longer exists. The outdated marketing strategy and the sluggish after-sales support all make Land Rover suffer. For an enterprise or a product, once losing a good reputation, it means losing the trust of users. And after losing good reputation, there will only be one result, that is, a considerable number of customers will no longer be willing to pay for you. Now Land Rover seems to be experiencing these things. For example, after some new models of Land Rover are launched, if there is no significant price reduction activity, the sales volume will be very bleak.

On the other hand, Land Rover is in the mire. This is mainly to say that the value and influence of Land Rover as an automobile brand is not as good as before. This is mainly because Land Rover offers too much in many cases. Over time, many consumers will feel that the Land Rover brand is not worth the original price. This is a very lethal strike for Land Rover. Because of the formation of a brand's high value and influence, it needs to spend a lot of time and energy. So at this stage, Land Rover can't use price reduction measures for a long time for sales volume. Only by improving the good quality of the product itself can it get the recognition of consumers again. Only by changing the previous marketing strategy can we achieve better results in sales volume.

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