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Why does Toyota ELFA raise the price to pick up the car? These reasons are enough to convince you

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Why does Toyota ELFA raise the price to pick up the car? These reasons are enough to convince you

When it comes to Toyota ELFA, people have different understandings of him, but all of them will position the person who owns ELFA as a real rich person who really knows how to enjoy life. Why? In fact, it is precisely because of his own positioning strategy.

First of all, people who have seen or owned this car will never think that the price of nearly a million yuan on the road is hype, but that it is worth something or even more than it is worth. Why? A rich boss, on his way home, after negotiating business cooperation, doesn't need violent acceleration from vehicles. What he needs isn't the so-called zero speed, the comfortable experience of ELFA, the huge riding space, which is equivalent to the first-class experience of airplanes. For them, these are what they need. Drink champagne in this car and talk about it Isn't the company's development direction or a person's quiet rest fragrant?

Toyota El method

From the perspective of the product itself, ELFA's performance is very excellent, no matter in terms of ride comfort, luxury sense of interior decoration, human-oriented excavation and space performance, it is among the top 7 MPVS! Because of the comfort and luxury of ELFA, many stars choose ELFA as a nanny car. The owners of every ELFA Star car have become the natural spokesperson of ELFA, which greatly improves the added value of ELFA products and creates the image of its high-end MPV. Toyota ELFA itself is comfortable and luxurious enough to drive with face and price!

Toyota El method

There is a good saying that "there is not always ELFA in a Land Rover family, but there must be Land Rover in a ELFA family." this is exactly a recognition of the status of this car. He represents not only a million level luxury car, but also a ticket to the upper class society! What forms this phenomenon is his markup strategy. What kind of people is the target group of ELFA? It's not that you can take out a million people to buy him home, but that you don't care about the people who increase the price by 300000-400000. When you go to talk about a business, you drive a car of other million levels, and people's perception of you is that you can afford a car of million levels. When you drive the ELFA, people don't even care about your cognition. Can this perception be the same?

ELFA interior

At the same time, his scarcity is also one of the reasons for this phenomenon. The high-end ride experience and identity symbols are naturally not short of people to rush to buy. However, there is a quota limit on the domestic import of this car, so there are many times when the supply exceeds the demand, and even the embarrassing situation that some people increase the price by 400000, but there is no existing car.

Toyota El method

Why does ELFA increase the price? Because the car is good enough, has no rival, buys many, the production is little, in short supply inevitably causes the markup! So you say that you can't find a problem with the car's configuration even if it's put in a million class car. At the same time, it can give you a first-class ride experience. It's a rare high-end identity symbol car in China. Do you think it's too much to increase the price commission?

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