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How about parallel import cars? What's the difference between parallel import cars and 4S stores

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With the increasing speed of information dissemination and the increasing popularity of the Internet, more and more car buyers begin to understand the term parallel import vehicle, but after all, understanding is only understanding. Many people still feel uneasy about this channel. When they go to the Internet to search and check, they also find that many people say that parallel import vehicle is not good or not, so the parallel import vehicle is good No, today we will talk about it!


    Maybe in the past few years, when parallel import vehicles were mainly concentrated in Tianjin port, the market was a bit confused. It was just a short period of time that car buyers were suffering from various fee traps. But now everything has become very normal. This market can survive to the present and exist for such a long time, which shows that it has certain strength, That means that first of all, it is recognized by the state and allowed to enter the Chinese market. Then it must be real and have advantages. Otherwise, there won't be so many people who choose to buy parallel import cars, do you think?


According to the latest data of this year, when the overall sales volume of vehicles in the market is declining, parallel import has achieved 11% growth instead. Now it has accounted for 16% of the total share of imported vehicles. That is to say, 16 of the 100 imported vehicles on the road are actually purchased from parallel import channels.

Why can parallel import vehicles achieve such reverse growth?

1. The price and the value of this thing will be considered in the end. After all, whose money is not from the gale. You need to buy a car in another place for 1 million yuan and 800000 yuan here for me. Are you excited? What's wrong with the 200000 saved? Moreover, compared with the fixed installation fees of 4S stores, the parallel imported cars with this and that fees still come from a lot.


2. Existing cars. Many times you go to the 4S store and see a car you like. When you ask, you find that there is no existing car, you have to wait, or even wait for a long time. You may have to increase the price to pick up the car as soon as possible. However, parallel imported cars rely on their system. You can drive away as soon as you go today.

That's the question. Why do parallel imported cars have such advantages? Why do people still go to the 4S store to buy cars?


Land Rover

First of all, the threshold of parallel import vehicles is generally high, which is basically hundreds of thousands of start-ups. There are few people who can afford this price car. Then, the popularity of parallel import vehicles is not so wide, and there are fewer parallel import vehicle manufacturers who do a good job. There are no stores everywhere, so parallel import vehicles are relatively popular in the market The noodles are not as wide as the 4S shop.

So in general, as long as you are a parallel importer with regular stores and complete vehicle procedures, there is no doubt that there will be many benefits. If you are interested in or have questions about parallel import vehicles, please leave a message below or consult us?

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