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Mercedes Benz imperial Refitting Factory, a magical Auto Dealer - babos, how good it is!

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Speaking of Mercedes Benz, we are all familiar. No matter whether we have money or not, we all know that Mercedes Benz is a German luxury brand. People who drive Mercedes Benz are rich people and big bosses.

Speaking of AMG, there will be a lot less people who may know about it. As a refitting manufacturer of Mercedes Benz, every engine of AMG is assembled manually, and each engine also has the signature of the corresponding engineer. The super high performance and excellent control make everyone with AMG really experience the driving fun of Mercedes Benz.


  Babos is the one who knows the least and owns the least amount of cars on the road. Unlike AMG, which belongs to Mercedes Benz, he is an independent Refitting Factory. But they have passed the corresponding international certification. Moreover, their refitted cars are not limited by Mercedes Benz's rules and regulations, so the appearance design and performance improvement are huge. Take the ordinary Mercedes Benz big g for example, the normal price is about 200W, but the price of "Mercedes Benz big B" from babos starts at about 500W, and it is often in short supply. The price also disguises the market's recognition of this refitting manufacturer. It can be said that every genuine babos car has its own unique soul. They are either more radical in appearance, or explosive in performance, or several grades in safety performance.



If ordinary Mercedes Benz is a luxury car brand, then the Mercedes Benz produced by babos is enough to match the cars of top car companies such as Ferrari and McLaren. What's the magic? It's their ability to turn mediocrity into legend, and Mercedes Benz itself is not mediocre. When the two are together, the chemical reaction will definitely be undoubted.

There has always been a fixed limit on the number of vehicles manufactured by babos, which means that there are few owners of babos, so every one who owns babos is not really rich.


Their iconic logo is a capital B. when you see a car with the appearance of Mercedes Benz on the road one day, but the logo is a capital B, don't think it's a new logo from BYD. His name is babos. It's a real rich standard. It's not cheaper than those cool sports cars you see.

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