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Respect trust
Fully trust employees, provide them with a platform to show their talents; be good at cooperating with different types of colleagues, do not question, exclude or bring personal preferences into work; entrust every employee with a heavy responsibility and respect the ideas of every employee;
Willing to innovate
Stick to innovation, keep practicing, be willing to share and pursue a better life;
Have a sense of foresight in the work, establish new methods and new ideas;
Actively express constructive opinions and fully participate in team discussion;
Create change and bring about breakthrough improvement in performance;
Passion investment
Benefit sharing
Love their work, good at summary, keep good enthusiasm and strong interest;
At work, adjust your mindset, actively integrate into the team, be willing to accept the help of colleagues, cooperate with the team to complete the work.
Have a sense of ownership, positively affect the team, improve team morale and atmosphere;
Be able to adjust to the difficulties and setbacks caused by changes, and positively influence and drive colleagues around.
Achievement sharing, frustration sharing and learning to share; the success of the company lies not only in the increase of business income and the development of the company, but also in the growth, talent and success of employees; identify with Weilong's corporate culture, love Weilong and be proud of the company.
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